The Technology Sector of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism is committed to promoting constant upgrading in the technology sector as well as improving the quality of the industrial products and services provided.

The targets of the Technology Sector, as stated in the website, is:

  • The promotion of innovative entrepreneurship, high technology industry and applied research and development
  • The technological upgrading of industry
  • The promotion of standardization and quality control in the Cyprus economy
  • The improvement of laboratory and metrology infrastructure
  • The Cyprus Handicraft Service is responsible for the implementation of the Government’s policy for the preservation, promotion and development of the traditional folk art and the encouragement of modern handicraft in Cyprus
  • The implementation of the New Approach Directives regarding the marketing of products and the coordination for the enforcement of Market Surveillance.
  • The promotion for the establishment of Cyprus Science Technology Park.

In 2016, the Cyprus government announced the initial expression of interest in the Creation of the Cyprus Science Technology Park, in the Pentakomo area of the Limassol District with the scope of promoting research, innovation and technology in order to enhance the entrepreneurial and industrial development of Cyprus and its transformation into a regional research and innovation center that will contribute to the differentiation of the economy.

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