16 September 2012

Cyprus Presidency of Council of European Union

Cyprus, during its Presidency, will work Towards a Better Europe; meaning a more effective
Europe, contributing to sustainable growth and job creation through efficient and integrated
policies; a Europe working on the basis of social cohesion and underlying principle of
solidarity, committing itself to a better future. All efforts will be directed to bequeath a Better
Europe to the younger generations.

The Cyprus Presidency will deal with important priorities on the EU agenda, such as the
Multiannual Financial Framework for the period 2014-2020. The Multiannual Financial
Framework is an opportunity to agree on a budget that will contribute to growth and, thus,
more jobs in the Union, promote integrated policies, sustainable development and increase the
EU’s competitiveness. The Cyprus Presidency will work in the spirit of the fundamental principles
of the Union and in close cooperation with the other EU Institutions, in order to reach an
agreement for a balanced and effective EU budget.

The establishment of the Common European Asylum System by the end of 2012 will contribute
to the building of a common area of protection, on the basis of solidarity and fair burden
The Presidency will also promote actions which will result in effectiveness and, consequently,
in growth, prosperity and jobs; it is imperative to identify and bring out the elements of growth
in all EU policies. The further strengthening of economic governance will restore confidence
in the euro area and bring about more effective and convergent economic policies, including
crisis prevention and alleviation of imbalances in competitiveness across the EU.
Working Towards a Better Europe, the Cyprus Presidency has set the following priorities:
1. Europe, more efficient and sustainable
2. Europe, with a better performing and growth-based economy
3. Europe, more relevant to its citizens, with solidarity and social cohesion
4. Europe in the world, closer to its neighbours
These priorities are based on the Trio 18month Programme, which was prepared in close
cooperation with Cyprus’ Trio partners – Poland and Denmark – and was approved in June 2011.
The Presidency will draw guidance from the conclusions of the European Council. Moreover,
a constructive and smooth cooperation with the European Parliament, in line with the Lisbon
Treaty, is imperative for moving forward the work of the Union.

Source : Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union

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