10 November 2017

Hands-On Business Finance 2017 conference

ServPRO attended as a Participant the Hands-On Business Finance 2017 conference, which took place on the 24th of October 2017 in Athens, Greece.

The conference covered a wide range of important and relevant topics, such as the current business environment in Greece and its economy, the development of strategies, how to avoid disruptions in businesses, how to finance a business and watch it succeed, how to deal with non-performing loans, how a CFO can build a digital data supply chain, how to exploit advanced analytics and risk management & credit risk.

Moreover, the conference further covered in elaborate detail the economic climate and the shaping of the business environment in Greece today, the contribution of the financial management to growth, acquisitions and mergers, the creation of new products, the entry into new markets and lastly the challenges and prospects faced today in the Greek economy.

Participants benefited from the latest information, trends, and developments in the field of finance, banking and information technology.

More than 150 Group CFO’s, CFO’s, Financial Managers, Credit Controllers, Finance Planning Managers, Financial Analysts and Finance & HR Managers attended the conference.

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