Cyprus Non-Tax Advantages

Strategic geographical location

Cyprus is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa at a flying distance of less than three hours from the important centers of Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Main European and Middle Eastern business centres are accessible within 3-4 hours via directs flights departing daily from the modern and convenient Larnaca Airport.

Modern international airports

Cyprus opened recently a modern international airport in Larnaca aiming to boost flagging tourism and boost prospects of it becoming a regional transport hub. A second international airport is situated outside Pafos city.

Excellent Infrastructure

Cyprus has an excellent telecommunications and mobile system, high speed internet access, modern road network, and two ports.

Professional Services

The services sector in Cyprus is well developed and forms the major part of the economy of the country. The role of professional firms of qualified Accountants, Lawyers, Corporate service providers, banks, finance and insurance companies and the quality services they offer is vital to the success of Cyprus as an international business center.


Cyprus has a healthy and pleasant Mediterranean climate with dry summers and mild winters. Average day temperatures range between 5oC – 15oC in Winter and 25oC – 35oC in Summer and most of the rain falls during the months of November to April.

Tourism and leisure

Cyprus offers a wonderful environment with sunshine almost all over the year, beautiful sandy beaches, traditional and rich Cyprus cuisine, golf fields, marinas, water sports and other activities, a quality standard of living but above all, hospitable and friendly people.

Other benefits of Cyprus are:

  • The low level of crime
  • The availability of skilled and unskilled staff at all levels
  • The availability of high standard universities, schools and colleges, both public and private
  • The hospitable and friendly Cypriot people
  • The modern and well equipped clinics and hospitals
  • The accommodation of a high standard and relatively low cost
  • English language is widely spoken and used.

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