Corporate & Legal


Our team of experienced Corporate and Legal consultants are ready to respond to your needs and offer you a wide range of corporate, secretarial, legal and other consulting and professional services which include:

  • Appointment of Nominee Shareholders
  • Appointment of Directors
  • Provision of Registered Office Address
  • Appointment of Company Secretary
Nominee and representation services

Nominee services, is a legal way of maintaining anonymity and confidentiality of your personal details and offer protection of your personal information and business operations. Appointing local directors is also advisable in certain cases where, for tax residency purposes, you may need to show that the management and control of the company is exercised from Cyprus, thus taking advantage of the Cyprus favorable taxation regime and double tax treaties.

As per the legal requirements in Cyprus, the details of the company Directors, Shareholders, Secretary and Registered Office are kept at the Registrar of Companies and are open for public inspection. To avoid this publicity and in order to maintain anonymity and confidentiality we can appoint for you local directors and nominee shareholders to act on your behalf.

The identity of the beneficial owners will only be disclosed to the bank in case where a company bank account is open but it remains confidential and for the bank purposes only.

If we appoint for you directors and nominee shareholders then for your protection you will be provided with the following documents:

Trust Deed and Instrument of Share transfer

The beneficial owner(s) will be provided with an original and signed Trust Deed (Declaration of Trust) stating that the nominee shareholder holds the shares in trust and that he has no rights on those shares. In addition, you will be given an undated and signed instrument of transfer for the shares held, which you can date and file at any time at the Registrar of Companies in Cyprus, thus changing the shareholder(s) at your choice.

Resignation letter for Director and Secretary

In the case where we appoint Director(s) and Secretary you will be provided with a signed and undated original letter of resignation. You can this way date the letter at any time you decide and file the change at the Registrar of Companies, thus removing the Director and/or Secretary and appoint a person of your choice.

Shelf Companies

A shelf company is a limited (ltd) company which has already been registered but has not yet carried on any activities. The main advantage of a shelf company is the fact that, it can be used in cases of emergency, where a client needs a company. In such a case, the shelf company can be transferred to the client within 24 hours instead of waiting for the incorporation / registration of a new company. Any changes that a client may request later can be done as usual.

Other Corporate Services

Our corporate service team is always available to respond promptly to your requests and to offer you a wide range of quality services including:

  • Preparation of the Minutes of shareholders and directors meetings
  • Arranging certifications, legalization and apostille of documents
  • Preparation and filing of the Annual Returns
  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney
  • Changes in the Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Increase of Share Capital and transfers of shares
  • Change of shareholders
  • Change of directors, secretary and registered office
  • Opening of Bank Accounts and appointing the signatories
  • Keeping of statutory registers


We can offer high quality legal services to corporate and individual clients.  It is our goal to best protect the clients’ interest in a timely and cost effective ways.

We can provide legal services on matters relating to:

  • Company Law: We provide legal advice and assistance to all matters concerning Company Law ranging from company formation to dissolution.
  • Commercial law/Banking Law: We provide legal advice and assistance to all matters concerning loan agreements, mortgage agreements, existing court cases.
  • Intellectual Property rights: Registration of IP rights in Cyprus.
  • Immovable Property/ Real estate: Drafting of Contracts, assistance with obtaining and registering title deeds.
  • Employment: employing, laying off staff, legal requirements, outstanding cases.
  • Dispute resolution.
  • Immigration: citizenship, residency, Employments VISA’s, European nationals, etc.
  • Litigation: we can assist you with new or pending litigation inquiries.
  • Contract Law: Drafting of contracts, agreements, legal advice on existing contracts.

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