International Taxation

International Tax Planning

Tax planning is the essence of international business operations.  The existence of various international business and offshore jurisdictions, the Double Tax Treaties, the different forms country tax systems, forms of income and types of entities are factors to be carefully considered in implementing an effective international tax strategy.  International tax planning is a complex area particularly when multiple jurisdictions are involved and a professional advice is required from experts.

Taxation Structures

The lack of proper tax planning may lead to inappropriate and inefficient structuring resulting in unnecessary excess tax liabilities and penalties in certain cases. It is important to consider a tax review in order to take into account all the factors affecting your operational activities before arriving to an optimum tax structure.

Our tax experts in close cooperation with our international business partners can form an efficient and appropriate tax structure for your international business activities and cross border transactions.

Taxation Services

With our professional guidance you can make the most of your individual situation.  We can offer you a creative and cost effective tax planning and advice and form an optimum structure that best serves your individual needs, maximizes your benefits and minimizes your tax liability.

Our services include:

  • Formulating and implementing an International Taxation Strategy
  • Providing tax advice
  • Corporate taxation services
  • Personal taxation services
  • VAT and indirect taxation services
  • Providing tax compliance and filing of tax returns

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