1 Август 2012

Cyprus is Still the Most Attractive Place for Investors and IBC’s vs Other European Countries

Income and investment taxes across the globe are reaching increasingly extortionate rates in light of rising public debts raging across Europe and America. The European sovereign debt crisis has forced many countries to raise their tax rates, whilst other countries are currently in the process of proposing tax hikes. The effect on wealthy individuals is evident: as debt problems increase, top-end earners are left to pay the price of rising tax prices. Mitigating one’s income tax bill in today’s economic climate is therefore crucial in ensuring a healthy overall saving, and there are a number of methods that can be adopted to achieve this.

The recent global economic recession has put many businesses and governments under pressure.  Governments across the globe are raising income tax and corporation tax rates to target high-end earners.  France has recently introduced a tax on high earners and this will impact foreigners investing and buying and selling property in France. Spain also has tried to raise its taxes on the wealthy, with rates hiked by 2% to 45% as a result of the economic crisis. Sweden and Belgium currently have two of the highest income tax rates in the world for high-end earners, at 56.6% and 57.3% respectively. It is evident that the implementation of these tax rates has had an enormous impact on high-net-worth individuals, as expatriates and citizens alike are left to suffer under the weight of rising tax rates.

Cyprus is still the most attractive place for investors and International Business Centres.

  • With lowest income tax, dividend and corporation tax rates.
  • Together with double taxation treaties in more than 45 countries.
  • Recent introduction of «best in europe» taxation rates for Royalties and Patents.

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