16 Сентябрь 2012

Investment in Cyprus — Success Stories

The CIPA (Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency) is a not for profit organisation, funded by the Government and its aim is to contribute dynamically and flexibly to the effective promotion of Cyprus as an international investment and business centre as well as to the infusion of foreign investments in the targeted sectors by positioning Cyprus ‘on the radar screen’ as a competitive regional hub for a wide range of targeted sectors.

International business success stories are mentioned on their website, one being LIDL.

Lidl’s is one of the major grocery retailers inEurope.

Lidl chose Cyprus as a country with a stable economy and a good infrastructure, Lidl considers Cyprus an attractive market for European companies. During the 1990s Lidl started to open stores outside Germany and since then has expanded strongly throughout Europe. The goal was to provide top quality products at the lowest possible prices in every European country, including Cyprus.

Other success stories….

Nest Investments Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd

FMBE Bank Ltd.

Columbia Ship Management Ltd.

For more information on Investing In Cyprus go to http://www.cipa.org.cy

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