31 Август 2012

Non-Cypriot Citizens Easily Have Cypriot Bank Accounts

The banking system in Cyprus closely follows the British pattern and is well developed and organized whilst being innovative and fast moving to meet clients changing demands.

Non-Cypriot citizens have the privilege to open foreign currency and local deposit accounts very easily.

Many Cypriot Banks have branches throughout the world. International Banks also have branches throughout the island for the convenience of their customers, with major credit cards like Visa, Diners, American Express being widely used.

ServPRO is committed to providing a service that is in line with international best practices at all times and considers that good corporate governance is essential to our success and client interests.

ServPRO has partnered with many international and foreign currency providers to be able to offer their clients with the best serive at a competitivly low cost. ServPRO is an approved Introducer with a number of local and foreign banks

For further banking and foreign currency information, please contact one of our representatives at info@servpro.com.cy or call 00 357 22 021100

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