17 January 2014

Tax Fugitive Michael Voudouri Arrested in Cyprus

UK’s most notorious tax fugitive Michael Voudouri who, according to HM Revenue & Customs, has cost taxpayers around £10,000,000  has been arrested in Cyprus.

A Crown Office representative commented that: “We are aware that Michael Voudouri has been arrested and is currently in custody in northern Cyprus in connection with an alleged immigration offense. We await the outcome of those proceedings with interest.”

Michael Voudouri  pleaded guilty at the High Court in Glasgow to counts of money laundering linked to VAT fraud. Michael Voudouri, has ‘buried’ an estimated £10m in several accounts in Cyprus, Greece and Switzerland, all being a part of a complex and carefully planned tax scam.

He was ironically tracked down by police after his daughter posted a photo of herself on Facebook at one of northern Cyprus’s beaches.The Daily Record reported that he was arrested at his home in Famagusta, Cyprus after he allegedly used a ‘bogus’ passport.

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