Cyprus Tax Updates: Submission of Personal Income Tax Returns (TD1)

Cyprus Tax Updates: Submission of Personal Income Tax Returns (TD1)


This article is an update to our earlier newsletter entitled Cyprus Tax Updates: Personal Income Tax Returns (TD1) deadline extended.


The Tax Department of the Republic of Cyprus has announced that the submission of the Personal Income Tax Return (TD1) form for the tax year 2022 has commenced.

Based on Regulatory Administrative Act RAA 373/2022, employees, pensioners and self-employed individuals whose annual gross total income for the 2022 tax year exceeds €19,500 have an obligation to submit their respective Personal Income Tax returns (TD1). The submission is made through the Tax Department’s online platform TaxisNet.

We remind readers that, according to RAA 183/2023, the deadline for the submission of the 2022 Personal Income Tax returns (TD1) has been set to 23:59 hours on 2 October 2023.


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