Cyprus: The All-in-One Film Destination

Cyprus: The All-in-One Film Destination

Choosing Cyprus as the next Film destination offers an array of opportunities and a comprehensive package of benefits:

  • The Cyprus Filming Scheme: grants and tax incentives in the form of cash rebates, tax credit, tax deduction for investments in infrastructure and equipment, as well as return of VAT on expenditure.
  • Island Characteristics: a strategically located island with centuries of history, art and culture coupled with a unique combination of mountain and sea sceneries, having excellent connectivity within and outside the country, a pleasant Mediterranean climate, modern infrastructure and advanced telecommunications, in addition to direct access to local talent.
  • Business Incentives: offered to businesses wishing to relocate or establish their headquarters in Cyprus.
  • Tax Benefits & Incentives: offered to corporates and individuals.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Incentives: including the sought-after IP Tax Box Regime.


The Cyprus Filming Scheme

The Cyprus Filming Scheme forms part of the Government’s efforts to promote the film industry and the Republic of Cyprus as a filming destination.

This Filming Scheme revolves around a dynamic set of development, financial and tax incentives backed by an annual budget of €25 million until 31 December 2023.


The Grants & Tax Incentives of the Cyprus Filming Scheme

The grant and tax incentive opportunities of the Cyprus Filming Scheme may be divided into four main categories:

  • Cash Rebates of up to 40% of eligible expenditure incurred in Cyprus.
  • Tax Credit of up to 50% against the applicant’s taxable income for the tax year within which the production is made.
  • Tax Deduction for qualifying investments in cinematographic infrastructure and technological equipment to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) subject to tax liability in Cyprus of up to 20% and 10% respectively.
  • VAT Refund on qualifying production expenditures.


The Qualifying Production Categories of the Cyprus Filming Scheme

Qualifying production categories include:

  • Cinematograph films: long firms; and
  • Television films (drama), Television series or mini-series: TV films, series, and mini-series, digital and analogue animation, creative documentaries, and reality programmes that promote Cyprus and the Cypriot culture.


The Filming Scheme excludes the following from the list of qualifying production categories:

  • any public or special performance organised for filming or other purpose;
  • any sporting event;
  • TV game shows other than reality programmes;
  • current affairs programmes or talk shows;
  • educational programmes presenting or explaining hobbies, projects, and so forth; and
  • review, magazine- or life-style programmes.


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