International Magazine ranks ServPRO in the Top 10 Best Corporate Service Providers in the Middle East

International Magazine ranks ServPRO in the Top 10 Best Corporate Service Providers in the Middle East

Press Release by ServPRO Accountants & Consultants

Nicosia, Cyprus, 31 May 2023

A prestigious international magazine has ranked ServPRO amongst the Top 10 Best Corporate Service Providers in the Middle East. ServPRO is a leading provider of high-quality business and corporate services. The recognition demonstrates the firm’s unwavering dedication to excellence and its capacity to provide exceptional service to its clients.

Founded and led by Petros Theodotou FCCA, ServPRO has become the firm of choice for businesses seeking a one-stop shop for all their professional requirements. ServPRO provides a comprehensive array of services to assist businesses in establishing solid foundations and thriving in the current competitive market.

Reflecting on the firm’s success, Petros Theodotou states:

12 years ago, I envisioned to establish a firm with the goal of providing high-quality services in a wide range of professional fields in the form of a One-Stop-Shop.

I believed that the missing link to providing all high-level services was the ability to assemble a team of high-calibre professionals.

This could be particularly useful for foreign investors and international organisations wishing to establish and operate in Cyprus with all the necessary support and professional services available from a single point of contact, thereby avoiding the hassle of searching for professionals at various locations and firms.

We are proud to have achieved year-over-year growth and expansion into new and emerging markets.

ServPRO’s unwavering commitment to excellence and strong set of values, including dedication, responsibility, education, accountability, and motivation, distinguish the firm from others in the industry. The firm takes pride in fostering a client-first and people-first culture, recognising that each client is unique and vital. Consequently, ServPRO ensures that its services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client.

The team of professionals at ServPRO possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge, allowing it to provide clients with the advice and solutions required to build solid business foundations. Its commitment to excellence and dedication to its clients have earned it a well-deserved reputation as a leading provider of professional and corporate services.

ServPRO’s expertise and dedication to excellence have been recognised by an international publishing house in the Middle East. The firm is dedicated to continue providing exceptional service to its clients and assisting businesses in thriving in today’s competitive market.

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Name:  Petros Theodotou FCCA (Founder & CEO)
Company:  ServPRO Accountants & Consultants
Address:  1 Kinyra Street, Kinyras Tower, 3rd Floor, 1102 Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone:  +357 22 021100

Email:  [email protected]