ServPRO x New York Times / Brussels Research Group on CYPRUS

ServPRO x New York Times / Brussels Research Group on CYPRUS

ServPRO has successfully collaborated with The New York Times (TNYT) and the Brussel Research Group (BRG) in a feature exclusively dedicated to Cyprus, called Spotlight on Cyprus, which has distributed within the United States of America (USA) through TNYT.

ServPRO’s Founder & CEO has been cordially invited by BRG and TNYT to an interview on Cyprus’ business ecosystem, as well as the role that ServPRO is undertaking for its overseas clients. The published interview is available here and the Q&A has been provided below for our readers’ ease of reference:


ServPRO: A Boutique Professional Services Firm in Nicosia Offering World Class Practical Solutions to the Corporate World

Q&A with Petros Theodotou, Founder & CEO, ServPRO Accountants & Consultants


How do you assess Cyprus’s business ecosystem?

Cyprus’s small economic size has been an asset for the nation. We remain flexible, and policymakers have enough room to take swift action when necessary to ensure the economy can adapt to an ever-changing and complex global ecosystem. This has allowed the Cypriot economy to quickly adapt and improve the quality of our overall business environment.

Combined with this flexibility, another one of Cyprus’s strengths has been the national strategy to attract high-tech companies to establish global or regional headquarters and generally to establish or relocate their businesses to Cyprus. We have already seen numerous multinational ICT firms establish regional headquarters in Cyprus and expect many more in the coming years. A significant advantage attracting firms to Cyprus for regional headquartering is the ease of receiving residency permits, which extends well beyond American firms establishing operations. In addition, with the introduction of the Digital Nomad Visa, even self-employed, freelance professionals, and single employees of foreign companies can effortlessly receive residency in Cyprus for themselves and their entire family while working remotely.

We have also seen large scale multinationals investing in Cyprus such as Exxon Mobil’s recent expansion of offshore energy exploration in Cyprus’s EEZ or NCR maintaining their regional headquarters in Nicosia since 1985. We hope many other American businesses and multinational corporations realize the true potential and abundance of benefits Cyprus offers as a destination for business establishment, relocation, and investment.


How is ServPRO advising overseas clients?

The firm has swiftly gained momentum, and we are now a one-stop-shop for professional services. In Cyprus, ServPRO has a well-established team of accountants, auditors, advocates, and consultants, and has for over ten years been providing in-depth practical solutions to worldwide clientele across a diverse spectrum of sectors. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service, and our team has a proven track record of providing practical solutions. We advise corporate and individual clients through a solution-driven and detail-oriented approach, all while exhibiting professionalism, ethics, and a strong commercial acumen. We have always aimed for ServPRO to serve as a single point of contact for entities eyeing opportunities in Cyprus and the EMEA region.


Spotlight on Cyprus focuses on the increasing cooperation with the USA, and the benefit of further deepening the bilateral partnership.

Spotlight on Cyprus highlights the significance of Cyprus as a strategic partner and gateway into the EU, Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe, the country’s competitive advantages as a business destination, evaluates key sectors, and highlights indigenous success stories, economic champions, and high-growth segments.

Spotlight on Cyprus further discusses potential investment opportunities in pioneering fields, innovation, and the growing footprint of Cypriot companies across the globe.


 ServPRO is Your One-Stop-Shop for Professional Services.

ServPRO is a well-established team of accountants, auditors, advocates and consultants in Cyprus. Our areas of expertise are Accounting & Finance, Advisory & Consulting, Audit & Assurance, Corporate & Legal, Economic Substance and Taxation.

Our team has a stellar track record in delivering practical solutions to corporate and individual clients with a spherical, solution-driven and detail-oriented approach, while demonstrating an aptitude of professionalism, integrity and commercial acumen.

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