Tax For All (TFA) portal progresses Cyprus ahead

Tax For All (TFA) portal progresses Cyprus ahead


Powered by the Tax Department of the Republic of Cyprus, TFA is the new Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) for all taxpayers.

The Tax Department has already commenced practical changes for the implementation of the forthcoming, ITAS project called the Tax For All (TFA) portal in the Republic of Cyprus.

TFA groups tax services into a single source.

The TFA portal will replace existing tax-related systems for direct and indirect taxation, TaxisNet, tax portal usage, management of delayed tax due via the Ariadni portal, and various other systems that are currently being used by the Tax Department in a fragmented framework by grouping these into an integrated portal available to the taxpayer through a single source: the TFA portal.

The TFA portal offers a uniform image of a taxpayer’s tax affairs by simplifying, automating and improving processes, providing a wider range of electronic services, enhancing transparency, securely integrating with other systems, instantly reconfiguring following legislative or procedural changes, and maximising data analysis and evaluation with safety, integrity and confidentiality at heart.


TFA advantages.

There are numerous practical advantages in the functions offered by the TFA portal. In fact, TFA offers:

  • Redesigned, more user-friendly online portal.
  • Registration to the Tax Register with a new form of Tax Identification Number (TIN / TIC) which will not be identifiable with the ID or registration number of the applicant (available for new taxpayers). The taxpayer’s account includes a feature of updating certain personal data.
  • Request the appointment of a Tax Agent who, upon verification, will be entrusted to handle the appointor’s tax affairs with the Tax Department.
  • Electronic submission of all declarations and supporting documentation.
  • VAT declaration in the form of simplified questions and answers.
  • Handling of payments via bank transfer (e-banking) and card payment options.
  • Statement of payments history with each payment’s particulars, including date, amount, applicable tax period, receipt download, and enquiry options for each payment reference.
  • Tax accounts history stating the tax type, period, balance due, payment status, deadlines for payment, action and enquiry options for each tax reference.
  • Refund requests and their management.
  • Objection requests and their management.
  • Requests of Tax Clearance Certificates (VAT-wise) and Certificates of Registration and Non-Registration from the VAT Register, all of which will include a QR code to enhance the recognition of each certificate’s authenticity.
  • Questions and requests made safely with the Tax Department from TFA-registered persons.


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