Ukrainian companies seek to relocate their businesses and employees to Cyprus

Ukrainian companies seek to relocate their businesses and employees to Cyprus

In light of the prevailing situation in Ukraine, an increasing number Ukrainian companies have expressed their intention to relocate their business activities and their employees to Cyprus.

As part of its support to Ukraine, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus has mentioned that Ukrainian nationals who wish to relocate to Cyprus, especially the ones intending to stay for work, will be issued with special permits upon their arrival to Cyprus.

Interested Ukrainian nationals should liaise with their corporate and legal advisors prior to their relocation.

This initiative forms part of a collaboration between the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus in an effort to provide assistance to Ukrainian nationals and companies with the challenges they may currently be facing and is additional to the humanitarian aid provided by the Government alongside the aforesaid initiative.

It should also be noted that holders of a Ukrainian passport with biometrics may enter the Republic of Cyprus on visa-free travel for up to three (3) months.


Cyprus Action Plan 2022-2024

Commencing January 2022, the Government of the Republic Cyprus has implemented the Action Plan for Attracting Companies to Operate & Expand their Activities in Cyprus 2022-2024, regardless of nationality, which works on multiple incentives:


How can ServPRO help you

ServPRO is a well-established team of accountants, auditors, lawyers and consultants in Cyprus.

Our team assists companies with their incorporation of and/or relocation to Cyprus and undertakes the entire process of the initial set-up of their respective companies. In addition, our team undertakes the entire procedure to secure any type of residency, immigration and work permit from the competent authorities of the Republic of Cyprus.

For businesses that are eligible for enrolment in the Business Facilitation Unit criteria, any and all services for their companies’ establishment in and employees’ relocation to Cyprus may exceptionally be completed on a fast-track basis.

For more information on this topic contact us by telephone (+35722021100) or email ([email protected]).